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Effective Self Defence Training For Kids & Adults In Slough

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We Are Ultimate Krav Maga

At Ultimate Krav Maga, we are committed to teaching effective, but safe techniques in controlled environments.

Our instructors are fully qualified, certified,  insured and are dedicated themselves to the continual development of their students as well as their own development as experts in their field.

Our instructors are passionate in delivering the unique combination of a great total body workout and the highest level of self-defence training that is suitable to all our students’ abilities and aspirations.

Our aim is to improve the fitness of all our members whilst in the lead towards a safer lifestyle.  Ultimately we wish to educate and teach realistic self-defence and fighting skills, by applying unique training methods, so that with every thought and movement our students will be able to defend themselves or others, when the situation calls for it.

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We are affiliated instructors with the following organisations


Representing GKMA In The UK

The primary aim of Global Krav Maga Academy (GKMA) was to promote Krav Maga system at the highest level.

The great strength of our organisation lies in the team of professional instructors, who keep on improving their technical and pedagogical skills and qualifications.

By means of our activities and courses, we try to present the system as a logical means of resolving conflicts, relying on preventive actions and specialised training.

The team of GKMA consists of soldiers, special forces instructors, experienced anti-terrorism specialists and active sportspeople. The main aim of the organisation is to maintain the high level of education, training and the quality of courses in Poland and abroad. Students’ skills can be developed by participation in various training forms like different sections, training camps, seminars, specialised training and lectures.

Teaching Bob Breens 4D in Slough

We are honoured to be representing Bob Breens 4D in Slough.

Bob is one of the most respected martial artists the UK has ever produced. 

With nearly 60 years experience in Karate, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do & Kali Bob is a pioneer in effective martial arts


His 4D Combat systems focuses on functional self defence training combining elements of stand up striking, clinch, group attack and weapons defence.